M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer
M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer




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The Kit Marlowe series features the 'bad boy' of Elizabethan drama. Poet, scholar, playwright, atheist, swordsman and spy, Marlowe's Machiavellian reputation has intrigued people for generations. Marlowe lived at a time when the Devil walked the earth, where reality and magic were just a smoky mirror apart and new worlds beckoned on every coast.



Cambridge, 1583. A group of scholars are about to graduate when one of them, Ralph Whitingside, is found poisoned in his rooms at King's College. His friends set out to solve the murder and one of them is Kit Marlowe, already famed across Cambridge and beyond as a dangerous man with a mind (and dagger) like a razor. Enter Dr John Dee, the Queen's Magus; Robert Greene, playwright wannabe; and Gabriel Harvey, the arrogant Fellow of Pembroke Hall. Does Dee's magic or Marlowe's brain solve the mystery?



Recruited by Francis Walsingham, the Queen's Spymaster, Marlowe finds himself at the Court of the Protestant leader William the Silent, who is a man with a price on his head. He also finds himself in the company of the Children of the Moon, a band of 'Egyptians' feared throughout Europe for their magic and their criminal ways. Open warfare is raging across the Netherlands and Marlowe must use all his ingenuity to keep one man alive and find out who is killing others.



On his way to London with the intent of becoming a playwright, Marlowe bumps into a troupe of travelling players, Lord Strange's Men. Performing in Stratford on Avon, they find themselves at loggerheads in a local feud and while resting at the mysterious circle of stones called the Rollrights, one of their number is murdered. It is Lammastide, a time of sacrifice and there are dark and inexplicable powers abroad in the Cotswolds. Can Marlowe keep his wits about him and avoid the witches' curse?



The English College at Rheims is a hotbed of intrigue because it is the breeding ground for rabid Catholics bent on the overthrow of Queen Elizabeth - the English Jezebel. The authorities have already uncovered and destroyed the Babbington Plot but one plotter has escaped and Kit Marlowe is sent to the College to find him. He also finds murder in the cloisters with not much help from his fellow spy, Solomon Aldred who has gone rather native in his cover role. 



Set in theatreland, the plot is a complex mix of financial skulduggery and murders which could be crimes of passion - with Shakespeare and Alleyn vying for the same girl, who knows who the murderer might be. With dancing bears, dodgy tobacconists and - as always - Nicholas Faunt dogging Marlowe's every step, the playwright has to step lively to avoid being swept away in the roar of the greasepaint and the smell of the crowd.