M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer
M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer

Anyone who has ever seen Mei lecture could tell you that by booking him you are in for a treat. Crime, history, film - he has never met a subject he doesn't like.


Because of the ferry costs, travel starts at £100 for a semicircle from Southampton with London as its eastern edge. After that, the price has to rise as he would need to stay over although he has no problem with being 'put up' by someone and comes guaranteed housetrained. For non-charities there is a fee - drop an email with details of what, when and for whom and Mei will get back to you asap.


Freshly back, tanned and relaxed, from a Seabourn cruise (on board the Spirit) - the best cruise line ever, with wonderful staff and a beautiful ship. Carol and Mei have been sitting at home for a week or two now and no one has brought them any lovely food; they may well starve! Thanks to everyone on board, guests and crew, for their company. It was brilliant! 


Mei has lectured this year at the Royal Geographical Society and it was a privilege - thanks to the Baker family for getting him involved and for the staff at the RGS who arranged everything so seamlessly.


If you would like to book Mei for any lectures or a group of lectures, whether on land or on a cruise or other holiday destination, please get in touch direct at the email m.j.trow@outlook.com. 


Subject include (but are not restricted to) -


History; crime; writing; cinema; heraldry; any destination based lectures can be arranged. Light hearted or academic - you're the boss!