M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer
M. J. Trow, Author and Lecturer

Welcome to M J Trow Online

M J Trow is known as Mei to friends and family which is short for Meirion (rather a mouthful), a Welsh name. The J is for James, rather more prosaically. Mei went to school at Warwick and then got his degree in history at King's London and then studied teaching at Jesus, Cambridge. He was a teacher for over thirty five years but is now a full time writer, lecturer and broadcaster. Lists of all his various projects are to be found on the website - just click on the appropriate page. Some pages are still under construction but should be completed shortly.


Mei always describes himself as the only Welshman who can't sing or play Rugby which isn't true. There are probably many Welshman who can't do either. The true bit is that he really is tone deaf and is a bit too short (and old!) to play Rugby except in his head. He leaves the singing to his son, Tali, a professional musician, writer and actor who could probably play Rugby if he wanted to, but doesn't have the time. He and Tali are mulling over an historical series of short royal biographies, taking the reader one by one through all of the people who have ever sat on the English throne - though sometimes their tenure there was nasty, brutish and short! The first group of four is almost complete and will hopefully be out and adding to the sum total of knowledge - think how it would improve the nation's showing on Pointless! - next year. ​​


Mei is married to Carol, a writer and his general amanuensis. She can sing but doesn't and also - perhaps not surprisingly - can't play Rugby either, although she is very good at Scrabble.


Life in the Trow house is never dull; Mei is a writer of fiction (the Marlowe series is written with Carol - details on the 'Marlowe' page) and of true crime and historical biography. He is also a ghost writer but he believes that a ghost writer should be just that - the deus ex machina who makes it work - and so his ghosted books are not listed here. They belong to the real author, the person who has lived the life. If you are interested in having him ghost a book for you, drop him an email to discuss your story - a flat fee applies to most projects. 


Mei lectures on any number of subjects on cruises and also around the country. Click on 'Lectures' to see what's going on and how to book him for a talk. There is no list of subjects as such - he is pretty flexible and can speak for the usual time with little effort (!) on pretty much anything and comes complete with a laptop, PowerPoint and (if he needs to stay over) a toothbrush. 


Please have a wander around this website and hopefully find something that will interest you. From time to time there will be free downloads of short stories, poems or extracts from books both old, new and still in the melting pot so make sure you keep visiting; there will be new things to see all the time.